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Features of Echo Week OnDemand

Online access to content within 24 hours of live presentations.

Online testing for continuing education credits.

Downloadable MP3 files.

A portable USB drive for offline viewing.

Echo Week OnDemand

Echo Week is the most comprehensive educational activity developed to meet the growing demand for education on the fundamental diagnostic modality and monitoring of perioperative cardiac performance.

If you missed this year’s meeting, or want to revisit any of the sessions you attended in person, you can now participate from the comfort of your home or while on the go with SCA Echo Week On Demand. This online library contains 30+ hours of recorded sessions from Echo Week that you can watch anytime, anywhere and earn continuing education credits.

Key Topics and Sessions Include:

  • Anatomy and ventricular function.
  • Principles of 3D imaging and valves.
  • Advanced 3D imaging, innovations, and dilemmas.
  • Decision making in aortic valve and mitral valve surgeries.
  • Structural heart disease interventions.


Echo Week OnDemand
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